I told a seagull "go back from whence ye came! You belong by the sea!" Shortly thereafter I realized I sounded like a republican so I apologized profusely to the seagull. I told them "you belong wherever you want to be," and it skwaled at me and I knew it understood.

And then they spoke to me in a booming voice that rang from the heights, from Jerusalem, from Zion, the voice was heard in the thunder and in the roar of the sea and they said, "fuck off." And that's when I knew I should never try to pet or feed a wild animal. 

Representation and the real each reflects, inspires, and copies the other. This imitation erodes a sense of self.

This work addresses an ethics of the contact points between "the real" and "the representational". It is a response to the echoes of the relationship between the confusion of "the live" as being opposed to "the record" -- confused, I say, for why shouldn't the live also be a record?